About Us

With the growing popularity of online shopping, we are wishing more and more products are available online. Antivirus is now more than just a choice, with all our personal and professional data stored in our electronic devices, a reliable antivirus is indispensable. With no dedicated e-commerce platform for antivirus software, we are lost comparing prices on various online stores.

Antivirus corner brings you one of a kind experience for selecting an antivirus. We provide an array of trusted antivirus, at the best prices, all under one roof. We will also help you install the software, with a reliable technical support 24×7, as we understand how installing a simple software can be not so simple.



Mr. N Jagannath Patnaik – CEO, a veteran in software distribution having varied work experience starting with Defence, Industrial and IT. Mr. Jagannath is known for his ability to turn the startups into major players in the Industry. He has played a stellar role in his capacity as Head of Sales and Marketing for the two IT security companies he served in the past two decades and making them the top two security companies in India. He has also played a major role in reducing the piracy in software. He has a strong connection with the Reseller and VAR community in India and across the globe.

Awards & Recognition:

  • “Evangelist of the year” in the “Antivirus category” at the prestigious 11th Annual VAR India Star Nite Awards 2012.
  • “Marketing Wizard of the Year” at the 12th VAR India Star Nite Awards (2013).